Sunday, 20 February 2011

Rant 3: The Good, The Bad, and The Indie

I loves me some Canadian music. Be it the hardcore awesome of Fucked Up and Cancer Bats, the wicked lyrics of Shad and Rascalz, or the corny but lovable nostalgia of BTO and Rush. Many groups kick ass from here. There some bad shit to come from Canada of course like Nickleback  or Justin Bieber. On the plus side that stuff is fun to have a go at because it's so bad, and it has the character to get it's balls broken. However in recent years Canada has become obsessed with one thing: indie music. Not like indie as in independent but indie as in a "genre" of reeeally bland music.

I remember being in grade 7. I would read a lot magazines as a kid. I noticed in the music mags they all had a huge boner over an album called Funeral. Then one day I went home and watched some MuchMusic. The host was hyping this video up: "One of the best to happen to Canadian music in years. Montreal's Arcade Fire with Rebellion (Lies)."  My friend and I were interested to see what this vid was. Then something strange happened, my friend and I just phased out and started talking. It wasn't hurtin' enough to razz it but not good enough to praise it. It was just...there.

Ironically Canada is known as boring so it's fitting we like this music. Now we're loaded with this music: Metric, Feist, Tegan & Sara, Stars, among others. Some of it good, most of it bland. Then it spread to other countries and we have horsecock like Vampire Weekend, Florence+ The Machine, Modest Mouse, and Franz Ferdinand.

Think of it this way. Commercial music is supposed to be in the background right?  This is so it won't take your mind off the product. That's why so much hipster music is in these commercials. It basically elevator tunes. My friends were telling me how there was an Arcade Fire song in the Were the Wild Things Are trailer. I didn't even notice.

I've never heard any mainstream media criticize this music because it's "brilliant." I have to stop this hype. It's because the hipster has become Canada's biggest export. Take your Starbucks, glasses you don't need, awful facial hair, your liberal arts degree and shove it up your ass!   I would rant on hipsters but that would take seven pages. I'll just say this. Don't you find it funny how there aware of everything except for the fact they're a hipster. I find that hilarious, anyway back to my rant

Before everyone kills me for this note. I like The Pixies, The Smiths (pre 500 Days of Summer), Radiohead among other kind of college music stuff. I also like Regina Spektor, mainly because I find pretty hot not her music. I think this indie obsession is just a fad anyway. I 'll actually quote Florence + Machine "The dog days are over." When this stuff fades away, they will be. I can proudly say this rant won't be found on Pitchfork Media

That's what I think of that ear sodomy. Oh, and one more thing, Win Butler stop trying to be Thom Yorke. Your not. Kid A and OK Computer are good albums. You don't' know what good albums are

That's my opinion and leave your comments below!

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  1. I don't have much of a problem with the music, but the pretentious attitude these people generally carry. So many "indie" bands trying to sound artistic, then being arrogant and egotistical when their shitty cliched song becomes a hit.
    Had the scene not been hyped to death it would be nowhere. Travis is totally right in calling it "elevator music". Without being pushed as the next big alternative music scene, it would be nothing. Its boring as hell.