Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rant 2: Careful what you wish for. You might get a guido

I loves me some television. Not so much anymore. After 2004 people became obsessed with reality TV. Now we're willing to watch everyday people do random jobs: pawn shops, tattoo shops, cake shops, motorcycle shops. I can't wait till Me and my gruff redneck son make "AMERICAN BLOUSE MAKER."  That shit is gonna be huge. However there is one program that came out in late 2009 that makes me question society.

Now, I still love TV from time to time but  I remember a little spin off called "The Hills." It was a dumb reality drama show and I only saw a few episodes but I really didn't like it. I wished it would end because I couldn't believe why so many people were fascinated with these rich and good looking Californian kids.

Well it finally did come to an end and I was satisfied. This was true, but then something horrible happened. I started noticing adds for a show about the beach coast of New Jersey. They went a little something like this: "Coming to MTV next fall! the tanned, buff, partying kids of JERSEY SHORE!." A terrified "OH DEAR GOD, NO!!!" came out of my mouth.

  Let me put it this way. Do you remember the YouTube video My New Haircut, well that video was making fun of the Jersey club culture. So as soon as a show about the youth in New Jersey came out I had to panic a bit. It can't be that bad right? New Jersey is the same place that produced Bruce Springsteen, Kevin Smith, and made Martin Brodeur a goal tending legend. Then I saw the cast and a small part of me felt nauseous.

If the kids who made fun of you in high school got their own TV series, it would be Jersey Shore. The worst part is teenagers love this garbage. I know kids who will say things like "GTL" and "T Shirt time".  I don't know what that means but I've heard it's from this show. I checked out one episode and it involved some midget girl getting punched in the a man. Classy MTV, classy.

 It never bothered me too much when people said "I watch the show because I'm laughing at them. It's a so bad it's good kind of idea." So I figured "Oh people like this show about scumbags because it's ridiculous. I guess that makes some sense." Then again I hear people say stuff like "I love Snooki and The Situation!" Do people seriously think these jerkoffs are cool?!

At least with the Hills there was a small bit of class, not a promiscuous sex and booze fest. At least Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari were a couple of hotties, not the four foot love child of an oompa loompa and The Bride of Frankenstein. At least LA backdrop was nice to look at, not the sleazy Miami and New Jersey club scene. I rather see Bruce Jenner's asshole of a son then those orange, guido, fist throwing, steroid popping hurtbags   

So that's why I say careful what you wish for because as bad as I wanted The Hills of the air, I would do anything do get Jersey Shore off of TV for good. If that means The Hills would have to come back, Then I would have to tolerate it. Besides, Whitney Port is a lot easier on the eyes then that J-Wow girl.

Lasts but not least it make me sad that people rather watch crap like Jersey Shore then a show like Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory. It shows you the evils of HAARP, the food companies, Obama's cabinet, and liars behind global warming. But I guess Jello shots are more important.

Well that's my rant leave your opinions and comments below!  

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  1. I like some Eminem, but mostly his more horrorcore influenced stuff from his middle albums. As much as I like to be a flaming hipster faggot who listens to obscure music, Infinite and the Slim Shady EP just weren't that great. Slim Shady LP however, is great... IMO