Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rant 1: Eminem factor

I loves me some hip hop. Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Eric B and Rakim, Kanye West, Common, Nas, Notorious BIG, and representing my home country Shad, K'naan and Classifed. I also enjoy many others but that would take far too long to list all. I strongly dislike Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, TI, Ludacris, 50 Cent and other crap like that but that's another rant for another time.

 What I do dislike is when I talk to other Caucasian people about rap and hip hop I often get two answers that I hate the most. Here's the second worst answer: "All rap is shit!"  Now I know your thinking "What answer is worse then that?" Well, it goes a little something like this  "All rap is shit....but I like Eminem. He's just different you know?"

 Now I think Mr. Mathers is awesome myself. Infinite, the Slim Shady LP, and the Marshall Mathers LP are  great albums. Yet, when people answer this way their ignorance infuriates me beyond belief. Whats even worse is they ALL defend their answer the same damn way. "Eminem doesn't rap about girls,cars, or drugs, He raps about real life and is serious!" 

"He doesn't rap about drugs or women?" What? Just because he doesn't discuss "Yayo" or the "Chronic"? He still talks about about Valium, Vicodin,  and numerous sleeping pills. As for women, he constantly raps about his ex-wife Kimberly Mathers. There are songs which talk about raping her and slitting her throat. I will also add in the song "Superman" he claims "Bitches they come they go." They are good song but the still talk about girls.

As for saying he's the only rapper who talks about real life. That's ridiculous. Listen to any rapper pre '95 and I guarantee there will be themes of Afrocentricity, government issues, poverty and gentrification , and the horrors (not glorification) of drugs and weaponry.

"All his songs are serious though!" Reeeeaaaly? A song about your "pee pee" going "da doing doing doing" or a song about shoving a gerbil up your rectum doesn't strike me as serious, thought provoking lyrics. He has numerous comedy songs, most of which are juvenile but hilarious. However if Snoop Dogg or Kanye West make a goofy song it's automatically trash.          

 People will also claim his beats are different. He is from Detroit which had a big horrorcore scene. Esham and Insane Clown Posse also similar style dark beats. Rappers like The Gravediggaz and  Necro are also non Detroit horrorcore artists.

Eminem is damn good but why do so many people ONLY like him. *ahem*.........IT"S BECAUSE HE"S FUCKING WHITE! They don't realize it but it's in their subconscious. So they play off as if it's some sort of je ne sais quoi when it's clearly not. Now, when people say "I hate rap  but for whatever reason I just seem to like that Eminem fellow" I turn, look at them, and in my best Paul Lemieux stern voice-stare combo I say "It's cause he's white bro, it's cause he's white."

Before you comment keep in mind I'm not saying people only like Shady cause he's white. I'm saying people who only like Shady like him because he's white but think it's because "he's so different!" It's not just hip hop. There were some African-Americans who never gave a flying rats ass about politics until Obama got in to the public eye. Hmmmm I wonder why? Dur dur durrrr

Well that's my rant about my musical pet peeve. Leave your comments and opinions below!


  1. Travis, I've never really been a fan of wrestling, but this write up has so much passion in it I had to care. Thats good writing. Take a topic I have ZERO interest in, and make me want to read it. Awesome blog, great job!

  2. Also, go into the comment settings, turn off the friggin word verification.

  3. right on.
    Many musical genres were originated with africans - jazz and blues and rocknroll, and borrowed by white folks. The banjo was brought to america by africans and now they won't play it anymore- it's a white guys instrument.